Eric Noitakis, Head of Economic Department at Embassy of France in Pakistan

Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Head of the Economic Department at the Embassy of France in Pakistan, Mr. Eric Noitakis was received and given a presentation on the workings of PBIT by the Investor Relations wing.
Date: October 22, 2013
Venue: Punjab Board of Invesment & Trade(PBIT) GOR-I, Lahore
Director General Investor Relations, Mr. Jalal Hassan briefed Mr.Eric Noitakis on the different functions of PBIT and how it can pave the way for trade and investment opportunities in both Punjab and France. The meeting was also attended by Director Communication & PR, Ms. Tayyaba Kamal and Deputy Manager Investor Relations, Mr. Sheharyar Rana.

Furthermore, Mr. Eric Noitakis was very pleased with his visit to the PBIT office. He informed the PBIT officials on the different sectors where France could be of great help to Punjab as well as the Pak French Business Association (PFBA) invitation to a delegation of businessman of Pakistan to visit France in early 2014. PBIT and Mr.Noitakis also agreed on reviving the exchange of expertise and knowledge sharing with regard to the Punjab Fashion Industry in particular. Both agreed that the fashion sector in Punjab could learn a great deal from France as France is the leading fashion trendsetter of the world. Lastly, Mr. Noitakis promised to visit the PBIT office again and take everything that was discussed in the meeting further for their mutual benefit.